Some photos from Encore Theatre's World Premiere. Directed by Ken Prestininzi. Photos by James Faerron. Featuring Rebecca White (Kid), Michael Shipley (Dad), Arwen Anderson (Sabra), Anne Darragh (Caludia), Lance Gardner (Shye) and Liam Vincent (Terrence)
T.I.C. Trenchcoat In Common
Kid arrives
Kid hears noises
Kid and Neighbors
Kid classifies her neighbors
Kid wonders what their names are
Weirdness Calcified on Spines
This is what Kid's dad does with Listerine
Claudia fights for something
Shye sings "Chocolate"
Something isn't right
Kid posts video on youtube
Neighbor moment caught on webcam
Kid catches Dad
Kid watches something violent happen to Sabra
Neighbors begin to notice Kid
Dream Ballet
Kid emerged, trapped in the patio
Sinister plots revealed
Does this need a caption
Kid in danger
Love and Violence